Friday, April 01, 2011


I'm Currently OUT Of Cigarettes Again!

Well it's been some time since I have been here last! It's been a couple of months now! So I'm currently out of cigarettes again and it is driving me crazy!

I was hoping to get some donations or something but so far - nothing!

My adsense earnings have been quite low lately. I didn't make enough in February to be able to get paid last month and even though my "rolled over" adsense earnings will give me some adsense money later this month - until then I'm currently without cigarettes!


It is good that you are out of cigarette and i hope you will never go back to that but how did you make it possible to quit smoking.

So sorry to read that you're glad that I'm out of cigarattes. I'm really not a very nice person when I am out of them!

But for now I'm ok because I do have some now - thank goodness!

That is very good to know that you have come out of smoking. I am also trying to come out of it. They say vaporizers can be the best way to quit smoking.

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